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Onsite daily until 6

A Play Date Every Day focuses on engaging the whole child, through a child-centered approach that is creative, flexible, and allows for each child’s personality.

We provide a unique, safe, highly supervised, and caring experience for young children, with an emphasis on developing social skills. We focus on fun in a relaxed, no-tech environment, with daily enrichment activities. Our program runs from the end of the school day until six pm.


"We call it "friendship fostering," constructively guiding, through play, the natural process of making friends through "playdates." These playdates are the mainstays of our program, giving the children a supervised opportunity to socialize with a diverse group of peers.


Daily Enrichment Activities

We continue with our social development using teamwork in our daily enrichment activities with our talented staff.

Daily Enrichment

Circle time
and more!


Our Staff

We have a robust training program for our instructors.

Our Staff

In addition to a rigorous screening process and background checks by our management staff, Playdate afterschool instructors learn our specific techniques in how to teach and encourage social skills such as inclusion, conflict resolution, cooperation, collaboration, and listening to the children placed in our care.

We believe that these very young children, and the protocol of our program itself, require a great deal of supervision. Therefore we offer a very low student to teacher ratio.


Outdoor Play

We schedule outdoor play every day in all safe weather conditions. We believe that a stimulating physical opportunity for unstructured, child guided play should be part of every day.

Outdoor Play


Connecting Families


Children should have the opportunity to expand their school friendships outside of our program, so we train our staff in a specific curriculum based on our observations of each child during our time with them. With this information, our staff can then work with parents to facilitate playdates outside of school, connecting them with other families. This matchmaking program is very popular, and reinforces the children’s friendships outside of the school curriculum.


Parent Testimonials

In our five years we have received so many notes of thanks and appreciation from both parents and students. Please read some examples below.

"We had a wonderful experience there and the approach allows kids to wind down a bit after the pre-K day, connects them with new kids and has a strong focus on supporting the kids’ social and emotional development. I was also impressed that there was little if no turnover. My last contribution is the staff and the program director are incredibly thoughtful, responsive and work with the parents to ensure the kids have a supportive experience."

"A PlayDate Everyday is an outstanding afterschool program! Jenny and her team nurture the children and teach them how to navigate social situations. My children – who previously were afraid to go to afterschool – enjoyed every aspect of A Playdate Everyday – from playing outside to arts and crafts. What really makes this program distinct is the well-trained staff, all of whom are adults (not teenagers as in some programs) who really understand children's social and emotional needs. You can feel confident that your child will be fully supported and have fun in this afterschool program."

"My son's entire attitude about school changed as he started to make friends and didn't find the social dynamics so overwhelming."

"I just wanted to note that the social programming implemented … for the Kindergarten kids in after-school has been a great success for our reticent daughter. Our daughter now has a tight- knit circle of friends developed in after school. The result is that she is happier and more motivated."

"…I liked (the) energy and ideas for getting children who were new to the afterschool program to be comfortable in the environment and socialize. My son has thrived…! "

"Adjusting to Kindergarten; large classes, a big school and new kids was very scary for our son. He worried that he didn't know anyone. He was quiet and shy and had a hard time talking to new kids. (The staff) was really insightful about our son's emotional needs and … responded immediately and appropriately."

"My son Josh absolutely loves the Play Date Every Day program. I often come to pick him up from this after school program and he does not want to leave. "10 more minutes, pleeease!" he'll say. He has learned to share better, work with friends to resolve differences, and get to know kids that he may have never interacted with. Some of his new best friends he has met through this program [and] we have been able to link up with them on weekends."

And one of our favorite student testimonials from a graduating alumna:

"Thank you for teaching me how to play with other people"



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